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Who We Are


Santorini is your Jordanian one-stop source for custom countertops, fireplaces, kitchen walls, office backs, interior facades of lounges and living rooms, and various other home remodeling needs. We provide a wide selection of man-made and engineered UV marble sheets in a diverse range of color hues, graphics, prints, and patterns, all of which are commended for their multi-functionality, moisture resistance, impermeability, ease of installation, and replacement. We are experts in the creation and installation.

“ What We Do ”

Custom fabrication and installation are our areas of expertise. Our carefully designed machinery provides the highest level of precision and quality, utilizing cutting-edge technology to produce the finest UV marble sheets worldwide.

At Santorini, we handle all aspects of your home renovation projects, whether it is a remodel or new construction, in a special, practical, and economical way. There are no small or major projects for us; we value every task equally and pledge to deliver top-notch work on schedule.

Performance, success, integrity, drive, and flexibility make up our core values.

Our Vision

Our company’s vision is to lead the way in the global market for UV marble sheets by offering the best UV marble sheet concepts and categories at the most affordable prices for manufacturing, shipping, and installation, and both by creating an atmosphere that allows the business to draw clients who seek excellence, elegance, and sophistication.

Shelf TV in modern living room with armchair and plant on dark marble wall background.

Our Mission

We innovate and develop our systems, processes, and services to maintain satisfied clients as we generate profits for shareholders and maintain a skilled and motivated workforce. It is necessary to continually maintain the standard of sophistication, refinement, and quality necessary to develop a Jordanian market that competes on a worldwide scale by offering the most cutting-edge styles and methods. The success of our business is fueled by satisfied and pleasant clients, who are in turn driven by loyal and devoted Jordanian workers.

To ensure 100% client happiness, we strive to provide the best possible service.



UV Marble Sheet Features

Our UV marble sheets are precisely designed using premium materials and new methodologies with high-tech innovations under the supervision of our Jordanian experts and engineers.

Uses for UV Marble Sheets

Considering that even the most intricate and delicate characteristics can be created with UV marble sheets’ softness, the beauty, sophistication, and elegance that a marble artwork may display have always captivated artists for years.

UV marble sheets are a time-honored tradition that remains the most popular in construction to this day. It is used as a structural element, decorative accent, and in private building construction. UV marble sheets can be found in many interior designs. This is why they remain a popular choice for many home remodeling projects.

Nearly all interior spaces are covered with UV marble sheets, including:

  • Luxurious apartment buildings, villas, and wellness centers.
  • The facades of prestigious companies and lavish offices
  • Backsplashes in the kitchen, countertops, shower surrounds, and bathroom walls
  • Hotel corridors, lobbies, and reception areas, as well as suite entrances.
  • Ceilings, stair treads, windows and door sills, fireplaces, washbasins, and so on.

Our Unique Patterns For UV Marble Sheets

Why Santorini UV Marble Sheets?
What makes us the best in the UV Marble Sheet Industry?

  • Unaffected by stains and grime due to its fine structure and impenetrable component
  • As one of the safest and most antibacterial surfaces, UV Marble sheet surfaces are very heat insulating
  • Our UV marble sheets are lighter and thinner than regular marble, making them easier to transport and saving money
  • Because of the fact that they are lightweight, they require less effort to install.
  • Stylish, eco-friendly, and available in a range of grain colors,
  • Simple for easy shipping and stocking

Uses for UV Marble Sheets